Giola Cami

Giola Cami

Giola Cami, joining Nimrod Yaron Albania, comes from an interdisciplinary academic background, having earned Bachelor Degrees both in the fields of Law and Political Sciences in Tirana. After successfully completed Master Studies in International Relations at Istanbul Commerce University, starting from 2021 she is pursuing her doctoral studies in Hungary, University of Szeged.

Throughout her academic journey, Ms. Cami has been the recipient of the prestigious merit-based scholarships, the Türkiye Yabancı Bursları and Stipendium Hungaricum state scholarships, and additionally has been awarded Best Speaker Award in the Moot Court BIP Erasmus + Program in Italy.

In addition to her scientific research skills, her professional experience spans in various sectors, such as banking, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and legal practices within public institutions. Her expertise in Nimrod Yaron Albania extends to providing legal counsel and conducting research.

Giola has authored scientific publications in international journals, delving into subjects related to material and procedural law.

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