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Subsidiary of Nimrod Yaron & Co. – Israeli and International taxation

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Nimrod Yaron Albania | subsidiary of Nimrod Yaron & Co. – Israeli and International taxation

Nimrod Yaron & Co. is among the leading international tax firms in Israel. The team in Israel includes accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, and economists, among them former senior officials from the Israeli Tax Authority, alumni of the Big 4 and leading law firms in Israel. The Israeli team members regularly lecture at many professional conferences and meetings, including at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Bar Association, the Tax Advisors Chamber, and more.

The firm provides consulting services and solutions for complex tax issues, international tax planning, assessment discussions, transfer pricing, incentive laws, and more. Among its clients are private and public companies in a variety of sectors (high-tech, capital markets, crypto, renewable energy, etc.), venture capital funds, and even foreign governments. However, the team is also happy to assist individuals who need specific counseling and guidance, in the sometimes complex world of taxation. The team’s network of professional contacts in dozens of countries around the world enables it to provide clients with unique responses and comprehensive solutions.

Nimrod Yaron Albania was established from our experience in accompanying transactions and planning international structures, our excellent connections with senior figures in the Balkan countries and understanding of the business potential inherent in creating business collaboration between Israel and the Balkan countries. Countries such as Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

We aim to assist in developing business activity between Israel, Albania, and other Balkan countries, promote economic and business cooperation, knowledge exchange, and employment opportunities between the countries. We believe that business collaboration between the states will be efficient and leverage for all parties involved.

There is great potential in connections between sectors in Israel in the fields of high-tech, agriculture, renewable energy, and more, and the skilled and educated workforce abundantly found in the Balkan countries, which can provide solutions in various fields, such as software development services, engineering, telemarketing, architecture, and more.

Areas of Expertise

Consultation on Israeli and International Taxation

Tax Plannings

Transfer Pricing

Venture Capital Funds, Startup and Hi-Tech Taxation

Guidance and Support for Establishing Teams and Recruiting Employees

Assistance with Fostering Business Relations Between Israel and the Balkan Countries

Support in the Establishment of Companies and other Business Entities

Assistance in Banking and Money Transfer between Israel and the Balkan Countries

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In the Balkans and Israel

Watec Israel 2024 offers the most comprehensive forum where water industry executives, academia, institutional investors, venture capitalists, analysts, and other experts will have the opportunity to shape future collaborations in the water technologies arena.

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offers a compelling exploration of Albania’s vibrant business landscape, providing a comprehensive overview of its economic resilience and growth potential.

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A positive atmosphere for foreign investments in tourism and infrastructure.

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  • The leading and most comprehensive business-technology conference in Israel.
  • Sunday, Gabriel Compound, Ness Ziona, Israel – 04.07.24
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In 2023, the largest foreign investments were in real estate, totaling €103 million. This is a large exhibition that can interest Israeli investors in real estate.

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The 70th meeting of the UN Committee for Europe Tourism is held in Albania, a leading destination known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture.

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Opens doors to new opportunities at the global Real estate fair!

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Albania’s GDP growth slowed to 3.44% in 2023 – preliminary estimate.

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