Establishing a company in Macedonia

Establishing a company in Macedonia

Establishing a company in Macedonia

Types of companies in Macedonia

  1. Branch OfficeForeign companies may set up branch or representative offices in Macedonia. They must provide evidence of their legal incorporation and scope of legal capacity if challenged. They have the same rights and conditions as domestic companies, with a limit of one branch office for foreign sole proprietors.
  2. Representative OfficeForeign companies authorized to do business in their home country can establish a non-commercial representative office in Macedonia. The office won’t have legal status or engage in commercial activities. The Macedonian government will define the registration process and requirements.
  3. Limited Liability Company (DOO)A Limited Liability Company is a trade company where one or more persons or entities contribute a pre-determined basic capital. Members are not liable for company liabilities, but must fulfill obligations as stated in the articles of association. The business name must contain “limited liability company” or “DOO”. For a single-member company, the business name must contain “single-member limited liability company” or “DOOEL”.
  4. General Partnership (JTD)A general partnership is a trade company formed by two or more individuals or legal entities. All partners are jointly and severally liable for the company’s debts. To establish a general partnership, the founders must sign articles of association.
  5. Joint – Stock Company (AD)A joint-stock company is a trade company where shareholders contribute to the basic capital, which is divided into stocks. Shareholders are not liable for the obligations of the company. The minimum basic capital is €25,000 for simultaneous incorporation and €50,000 for successive incorporation. The nominal amount of the stock cannot be less than €1.
  6. Limited PartnershipA trade company is formed by at least two partners – one general and one limited. The general partner is personally liable for the company’s obligations with their entire assets, while the limited partner is only liable up to the entered contribution of the company. The general partners must contribute at least one-fifth of the total amount of the contributions.
  7. Limited Partnership with StocksA trade company with stocks has partners who are liable for the company’s liabilities and others who are not liable beyond their contributions. There must be at least three partners. The legal relations between partners and third parties are governed by the law regarding limited partnerships. The provisions of the law concerning joint-stock companies apply to the limited partnership with stocks except for those regulating management.
  8. Sole ProprietorIndividuals that conduct business operations are required to register as sole proprietors. The individual is fully and unlimitedly liable with all his assets to the creditors.

Company registration procedure

The registration process is streamlined through the One-Stop-Shop system, and companies can complete the registration within four hours. The registration process is inclusive and allows individuals of any citizenship or nationality to become directors or shareholders. After registration, companies can obtain their official seal using the provided certificate of registration, which allows authorized representatives to act on behalf of the founders.

Steps for Registering a Company in Republic of Macedonia:

  • Fill out a prescribed form to register the company at the Central Register of Macedonia.
  • Provide necessary documents, including a verified copy of the legal entity’s registration document or the founder’s proof of identity.
  • For a Limited Liability Company (DOO), establish through a founding agreement or statement, prepared by a lawyer (registration agent).
  • Define the company’s name, head office, manager, assess founding investment, and determine the bank for opening an account.
  • Submit the documentation to the Central Register, either physically or through e-Registration.


During the registration process, founders are required to submit copies of their passport and utility bills. Once registered, the company’s registration information is added to the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia. Foreign residents can easily establish employment in the Republic of Macedonia, after getting an appropriate visa or permit.

The company registration process in Macedonia typically takes just one week to complete when all required documents and procedures are accurately followed. Our firm provides comprehensive assistance for establishing companies in Macedonia, along with expertise in various other fields. Please feel free to contact us, and we would be pleased to schedule an introductory meeting at your convenience.

Benefits of registering a company in Macedonia

North Macedonia serves as a prime gateway for businesses aiming to penetrate European markets, thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of two crucial European transport corridors. This positioning, combined with its advanced road and railway network, allows for rapid transit across the country, reaching any inhabited location in under three hours. The nation’s liberal foreign trade regime enhances its appeal by offering unrestricted access to the EU and additional markets via numerous bilateral treaties, positioning it as an attractive base for production and export activities.

Furthermore, North Macedonia boasts a favorable tax framework, highlighted by one of the world’s lowest corporate profit tax rates, tax-free income for up to 10 years in Investment Zones, and competitive personal and corporate income tax rates at 10%, alongside a standard VAT rate of 18%. The efficient administrative processes in the country, including a swift 4-hour company registration system and extensive tax incentives for investors in Free Zones, including a decade-long tax holiday, further amplify its attractiveness. The country’s active participation in global trade is underscored by its membership in the World Trade Organization since 2003 and its engagement in three multilateral and several bilateral Free Trade Agreements, including with Turkey and Ukraine, enhancing its international trade connections.

If you require assistance or have any inquiries regarding our services, we warmly invite you to reach out to our office. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with expert guidance and support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking information, need professional advice, or wish to discuss how we can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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