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Nimrod Yaron Albania

Nimrod Yaron Albania was established with the aim of realizing the business potential inherent in business cooperation between Israel and the Balkan countries: North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We have established a local and skilled team in Albania, with experience in the fields of law, human resources, and marketing in the local sector. The range of expertise of the Nimrod Yaron Albania team provides solutions to a wide variety of issues in establishing and accompanying business activity in Albania in particular, and in the Balkan countries in general. 

The combination of the Israeli team and the Albanian team allows us to provide comprehensive and unique service. The knowledge of the Israeli team in the fields of international taxation and the Israeli and international business world, alongside the familiarity of the Albanian team with the business world in Albania and other Balkan countries, the spoken languages, and their connections, allows a comprehensive response to all the needs of Israelis interested in business activities in Albania and the Balkan countries, and to Albanians and residents of the Balkan countries looking for connections and activities with Israel. 

We are excited to take part in the business community in Albania and look forward to promoting economic relations between the two countries. 

Considering activity in Albania? Interested in hearing about the advantages of business cooperation between Israel and the Balkan countries, and what is the potential inherent in it for your business? Our team would be happy to assist you. 

Our Team

נמרוד ירון

Nimrod Yaron


דניסה ראמי

Denisa Rami


Giola Cami

Giola Cami


אנני מייל

Eni Mile

Economic Research Assistant

אבי לואיס

Avi Lev Louis

Balkan Affairs Advisor

Considering Business activity in the Balkan? Our team is ready to assist you